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Do your father have a new wife?

Jumin, are you currently okay? (Jumin) No matter, I think it had been rude of you to accomplish this during the side of the father. (Jaehee)

I believe they’ve been back to becoming family members (Zen) Jumin, you will have apologized on my Zenny, because you made your damage his foot.(*Zen)

Jumin, can i ask you to answer what happened that have Echo Woman a week ago? (Zen) Naturally I need to feel smart. I’m new passion for his life

I really hope little bad happens… I’m worried. (Zen) I know it’s absolutely nothing. Zen would-be exploit regardless of the happens

Jaehee.. I’m sure it’s tiring to operate to the all of these cat plans. (Jaehee) I am hoping the truth is people sweet. (Jumin)

We need to talk with my personal Zenny…! Nowadays!! )*Zen) Jeahee, stick around. (Jaehee) I am unable to prevent thinking about Echo Girl. That you don’t think she’s going to hurt Zen, is it possible you? (Zen)

My family told you…

Zero they won’t. Your cleanse my life. (Zen) Heck zero to narcissism. (*Zen Split) lolol We know my main’s handsome

omg… what exactly is completely wrong with your mothers. Was in fact the fresh new envious? (*Zen) Oh now… Was not one hurtful? (Zen) I guess they desired that analysis tough. (Zen)

I’m pleased you are setting up about your loved ones… (Zen) Forget about your family… and focus to the me personally, Zenny. (*Zen)

That’s… very unfortunate. (Zen) Overlook the earlier, Zenny!! (*Zen) Perhaps you just weren’t good in the past. (*Zen Break?)

The definition out of parents

Zen doesn’t need to head to a clinic to possess their narcissism lol Don’t think we want ot receive him or her In my opinion it is fun. Let’s receive her or him

I became willing to Zen open. (Zen) I happened to be astonished; Needs your in order to forget about their mothers now. (*Zen)

Love is actually stronger than bloodstream. I do not should get rid of Zenny so you can household members. (*Zen) Allow me to support Zen if he ever before gathers brand new courage (Zen)


Trick Variations in Temper Disorders versus. Character Issues

  • Avoidant: high stress levels during the casual points and you may lowest worry about-value

Symptoms The key difference between personality and you can temper disorders will be symptom patterns it lead to. Area of the function of feeling conditions is actually attacks from emotional highs and/otherwise downs. Specific identification issues can cause moodiness, but that isn’t part of the symptom of identity problems. How do doctors determine such conditions, when one another groups can lead to psychological and you may state of mind trouble? Constantly it is more about danger signal designs, as opposed to a unitary danger sign. Such as, swift changes in moods is actually a feature off one another manic depression and you can borderline character sickness (BPD). It’s the size and you will volume away from swift changes in moods you to definitely differentiate this new one or two.


Айкидо — это уверенность в себе

Занимаясь айкидо, вы обретаете уверенность в своих силах. Прибретая уверенность в себе, вы всегда добиваетесь успеха.

Айкидо — это здоровье

Занимаясь айкидо, вы наполняете организм жизненной силой. Независимо от возраста, айкидо поможет вам чувствовать себя здоровым, бодрым и сильным

Айкидо — это гармония

Занимаясь айкидо, вы обретаете внутренний покой и гармонию, побеждаете свои недостатки. Айкидо - это путь развития и самосовершенствования.