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What is the relationship ranging from KA and you will KB viewpoints Just how can you determine Ka understanding KB?

What’s the dating anywhere between KA and KB values Just how do you dictate Ka understanding KB?

To summarize: Ka * Kb is equivalent to adding the fresh new acidic and you may ft responses together with her, which results in a websites picture of autoionization out-of liquid. It is really not an excellent neutralization/acid-ft reaction, however, I believe the fresh new Kw = Ka * Kb was an analytical family made to facilitate calculations.

What’s the relationship between KA and you can KB in the twenty-five C to have an excellent conjugate acid base partners?

The relationship between Ka and you can Kb from the 25? having good conjugate acid base couples is actually B) Ka ? Kb = step one ? 10-14.

What’s the relationship between your dissociation constants regarding acid base conjugate sets KA and you will KB?

To possess an aqueous services regarding a faltering acid, the dissociation constant is named this new acid ionization constant (Ka). Similarly, the newest balance constant with the reaction of a failing legs that have water ‘s the legs ionization ongoing (Kb). For any conjugate acid–base couple, KaKb=Kw.


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